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Mohammad Shams – A Deeply Impressive Pianist of Great Spirit and Intellectual Strength

‘A deeply impressive pianist of great spirit and intellectual strength’– this is how music critic Michael Tumelty described the pianist of inviolable talent, Mohammad Shams....

Martucci and Ricordi captivated the audience in Egység Cultural Station

After a series of concerts in Belgrade, Žaječar, Bor and Negotin, the members of the ensemble ‘Altro Senso’ performed in the Egység Cultural Station as...

Echo of Great Works at the Concert by Young Artists

  The concert in honour of the great Serbian benefactress Marija Trandafil, who, in addition to humanitarian work, also made a great contribution to the...

Mozart for Children: ‘The Magic Flute’ Opera Performed

On 29 November, the ‘Visoko C’ Association of Artists turned Mozart’s great work “The Magic Flute” into a melodic, cheerful and singing opera adapted for...

Children’s Opera ‘The Grasshopper and the Ant’ Held

The opera ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’, one of the most beloved stories, was performed for pupils of the ‘Branko Radičević’ Primary School in the...

The Conference European Forum of Ukrainian Diaspora ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Held

The society for the Ukrainian language, literature and culture ‘Prosvita’ organised the international conference European forum of Ukrainian diaspora ‘Novi Sad 2021’ in the Egység...

Revitalisation and Development of Cities of the Lower Danube: Workshop of the DANUrb+ Project

Within the international interregional project DANUrb+, an educational workshop, which deals with the development of the action plan for the revitalisation and development of cities...

Take a Walk Through 14th Century: Paintings from the History of the Serbian People Until the End of November in Egység

The exhibition entitled ‘Paintings from the History of the Serbian People’ was opened in the Egység Cultural Station on 15 November. While walking through the...

Amulet of Novi Sad Music in Egység

The iconic Novi Sad band Amajlija (en. amulet) held a concert in the Egység Cultural Station on 11 November. Visitors who enjoyed the special music...


Serbian History Through Visual Art in Egység CS

On 15 November, the Egység Cultural Station will take visitors on a trip to the 14th century through an interesting presentation of Serbian history in...

‘Captures of Nature’ by Nebojša Mitrović in Egység until 3 November

The sixth ‘Captures of Nature’ exhibition by Nebojša Mitrović, who, despite Parkinson’s disease, successfully deals with photography and captures the most magnificent moments in nature...

Nebojša Mitrović

Visit the Guignol Exhibition in Egység until 3 October

Puppets are an irresistible part of everybody’s life and visual aid for numerous creative teachers. They are a precious source of knowledge, gatherings, joy, acting...

Guignol Exhibition

The Last Round of ‘Possibilities for Financing from EU Funds’ Trainings Finished

A three-day training, intended for representatives of non-governmental organisations in the field of culture and freelance artists – ‘Possibilities for Financing Through EU Funds’ was...


Alice in Wonderland in a Slightly Different Way in Egység

The audience had a chance to watch the immersive play Alice in Wonderland, directed by Vladislav Velkovski and Ivana Antić, in the Egység Cultural Station...

Alice in Wonderland

The ‘Amabile Duo’ from Banja Luka Held a Concert in Egység

The ‘Amabile Duo’ from Banja Luka, which consists of oboist Jasna Grahovac and pianist Timea Hotić performed last weekend in the Egység Cultural Station. Jasna...

duo amabile

Leading Names of the Improvisational Scene from Argentina, Great Britain and Serbia in Egység

We had a chance to listen to the leading names of the improvisational scene from Argentina, Great Britain and Serbia in the Egység Cultural Station....

the international quartet

Ballerinas of the ‘Reverans’ Held a Concert for Boško Gugleta

Little ballerinas aged 3 to 6 of the ‘Reverans’ ballet studio performed in the Egység Cultural Station in order to help with collecting humanitarian aid...

koncert za boška gugletu

King’s Scouts in Egység

The King’s Scouts were guests at the workshop within the Creative Camp, which was implemented last week in the Egység Cultural Station within the Novi...

King’s Scouts

How Mozart Reversed the Day with the Help of Creative Children

When Mozart was a child, he fell asleep and had a strange dream. He gave himself a task to save the world from the evil...

Mozart's Dream and the Magic Flute

Little Jolly Alchemists Experimented in Egység

The second workshop for children of the Creative Camp was called ‘Jolly Alchemists’. Children aged 6-12 had great fun in the Egység Cultural Station and...


A Long Way from the Wheel to the Internet: How the World Has Become an Amazing Place

‘A Long Way from the Wheel to the Internet’ workshop, which is part of the Creative Camp and the Novi Sad Children's Summer event, marked...

A Long Way from the Wheel to the Internet

Pianists Maja Đogo and Julijana Šulović Performed in Egység

Pianists Maja Đogo and Julijana Šulović, who are members of the ‘Mokranjac’ piano duo, held a concert in the Egység Cultural Station. The programme was...

maja đogo julijana šulović

‘PlayDay’ Charity: Solidarity, Benevolence and Lots of Fun

The ‘PlayDay’ Charity, within the Philanthropy Festival, gathered around 50 volunteers, students of the ‘Milan Petrović’ Elementary and Secondary Boarding School and activists from the...


Connection Between Italy and Serbia: Zorica Belić and Nazareno Ferruggio Performed in Egység

Last weekend, Zorica Belić, Novi Sad opera soloist, and Nazareno Ferruggio, Italian pianist and professor at the ‘Nazareno Ferruggio’ State Conservatorium of music in Bari,...

zorica belić Nazareno Ferruggio

Zmaj Children Games Awards for 2021 Presented

The beginning of 64th Zmaj Children Games was marked with series of events in the Egység Cultural Station. At the beginning, Zmaj Children Games Awards...

Zmaj Children Games

Project 22: Nexus Trio Presented the Doček Programme Arch

Doček, one of the programme arches of the ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ project, was presented within the Local Composers’ Night concert by...

nexus trio

It’s Been 50 Years Since Desanka Perović Pešut Made History

50 years since the historic achievement in shooting for Novi Sad and Serbia was marked in the Egység Cultural Station last weekend. Namely, Desanka Perović...

Desanka Perović Pešut

The Second Week of Project 22: Local Composers’ Night Symbolically Presents Doček

The second week of Project 22 will begin with a symbolic presentation of the Doček programme arch, within the Local Composers’ Night – Nexus Trio...

Nexus Trio

The Music of Serbian Composers Svetislav Božić and Vladimir Tošić Echoed in Egység

The ‘Contemporary Serbian Composers Music for Piano Duo’ concert, which is part of the project of the same name, was held in ‘Egység’ Cultural Station,...

Days of Macedonian Culture in Egység

The 15th ‘Days of Macedonian Culture’ were held last night in the Egység Cultural Station in Novi Sad in honour of the Slavic educators Cyril...

dani makedpnske

Petar Popović and Đani Šehu at the 15th Vojvodina Guitar Fest

This year's Vojvodina Guitar Fest was held in the Egység Cultural Station within the first European platform for classical guitar EuroStrings, which brings together the...

petar popović vojvodina guitar fest

Invisible Lives: The Story of the Invisible Lives of the LGBT Community Members

Young artists of different sexual orientations and gender identities from Montenegro, Latvia and Serbia created the play based on personal experiences, within the Invisible Lives...

invisible lives

Invisible Lives: The Story of the Invisible Lives of the LGBT Community Members

Young artists of different sexual orientations and gender identities from Montenegro, Latvia and Serbia created the play based on personal experiences, within the Invisible Lives...

invisible lives

Magical Recital by Serbian Pianist Tijana Andrejić-Tenji in Egység

Tijana Andrejić-Tenji performed a piano recital in ‘Egység’ Cultural Station on Friday, 14 May. Her repertoire included compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Josef Haydn, Robert...

tijana andrejić-tenji

Young Talents From the Department of Wind Instruments Performed in Egység

First- and second-year students from the Department of Wind Instruments of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad held the concert in the Egység Cultural...

Department of Wind Instruments

Talented Students of the ‘Isidor Bajić’ Music School Performed in Egység

Students of the ‘Isidor Bajić’ Music School in the class of Ivana Makević Mađarić, performed in the Egység Cultural Station on Wednesday, 10 March. Lana...

Concert of Young Violinists of the Josip Slavenski Music School

The young violinists of the Josip Slavenski Elementary Music School presented themselves to the Egység Cultural Station audience with works by Komarovsky, Reading, Berio, Mendelssohn...

Josip Slavenski

Kristian Al-Droubi Presented His New Book ‘Trapped in India’

Novi Sad performer Kristian Al-Droubi presented his new diary about his ‘captivity’ in India to the audience in the Egység Cultural Station. The audience, together...

kristian al-droubi

Prayer for Art in Egység

Zorica Belić, the Novi Sad opera soloist, performed along with pianist Vladimir Gligorić in the ‘Egység’ Cultural Station. You can watch the Prayer concert, which...

Zorica Belić

Workshops in Egység Start Again

After a short holiday break, free educational workshops will be implemented again in The ‘Egység’ Cultural Station. In cooperation with Cultural Centre of Novi Sad,...

radionice u edjsegu

‘In Honour of Beethoven’ Concert at Doček 7529

Two exceptional Novi Sad artists – Agota Vitkai Kučera, an opera diva and Jelena Simonović Kovačević, a multi-award-winning pianist, will organize a stunning concert within...

betovenu u čast

Lana Zorjan at Doček 7529: I miss the audience, but this way more people will have a chance to see the performance

Doček 7529 will present new spaces for culture on the Visit Novi Sad online platform on 13 January, including the first cultural station opened in...

lana zorjan

The ‘Erotica in Art’ Exhibition Opened

The ‘Erotica in Art’ exhibition was opened in the Egység Cultural Station on Monday, 16 November, and it will last until Friday, 20 November. The...

Erotica in Art

Garage Boys: The ‘Bunker Fest’ Ended

During the weekend, the Egység Cultural Station audience had an opportunity to enjoy the 16th edition of ‘Bunker Fest’ titled ‘Garage Boys’. The festival is...

momci iz garaže garage boys

The ‘Blind Paintings’ - Exhibition by Nikoleta Mihnjak

Nikoleta Mihnjak’s life is a story about success. She can’t walk, she has been blind for more than two years, but she paints and teaches...

ćorave slike nikoleta mihnjak

Andrej Balaž Solo Concert

Andrej Balaž, a second-year violin student in the class of Professor Florijan Balaž, held a concert in the Egység Cultural Station last weekend. The young...

andrej balaž

Ljiljana Lišković: After More Than Two Centuries Beethoven Is Among Us, Here And Now

‘After more than two centuries Beethoven is among us, here and now. One of the biggest musical geniuses of our civilisation is at the same...

ljiljana lišković

Gaga/dancers Class in the Egység Cultural Station

Gaga is the movement language developed by Ohad Naharin throughout many years, working as a choreographer and the artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company. Gaga...

gaga/plesači gaga/dancers

Making-of 'Dead Capital', the First Documentary by Ivana Janošev

Implementation of the ‘Dead Capital’ project by Ivana Janošev, which includes a screening of a short documentary film and a workshop dedicated to the creation...

mrtvi kapital, ivana janošev

Saxophone Through Romanticism, Impressionism and Contemporary Art

The ‘Saxophone Through Music Epochs’ concert, whose main idea is to present an atypical instrument in the form of a typical recital and bring it...

srđan paunović

Gabriela Sigeti: Ceramic Art Is Not for the Afraid

The ‘Contemporary Painting on Ceramics’ project that connects the skills of old craft and contemporary artistic expression, will be implemented in the Egység Cultural Station,...

savremena slika u keramici gabriela sigeti


Novi Sad holds the prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture and is one of the first cities outside the European Union to have won the title.

Egység Cultural Station

The story about Egység dates back to 1890, when the famous architect György Molnar designed it on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Shooting Association. After that, an excited and unexpected life of this place was born.

The Shooting Association, one of the first associations of citizens, was formed in Egység. The first craft-industrial exhibition, today known as Novi Sad fair, was held there.

Many citizens learned their first dancing steps here, some of them enjoyed basketball games, and all of them created memorable stories together.

After the World War II, Egység was abandoned and neglected so much it continued to deteriorate in the years to come, being almost demolished by the end of the 20th century. It displayed its glory again in 2012, when it was fully renovated.
After Novi Sad won the European Capital of Culture title, the city assigned the management of Egység to the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation, thus this place became the first cultural station of Novi Sad.

Cultural Content Factory.

Symbol of industrial heritage of Novi Sad continues with production, but this time producing creative and cultural content.

Petőfi Sándor.
Hungarian Cultural Center.

Hungarian Cultural Center “Petefi Sándor” Novi Sad – Petőfi Sándor Magyar Művelődési Központ Újvidék was created with the aim of providing the people of Novi Sad with a place where they can gather for various events and programs. From quiz nights to various sections for young and old, we hold workshops led by excellent instructors. We try to satisfy the needs of all Novi Sad residents with our contents, and to attract all those who want to get to know our culture and customs.


Culture in one of the youngest villages in Vojvodina.

Place for Cultural Stories.

Former place of the first sports association in the region is now the meeting place – the place for dancing, literature, workshops and education.

Culture on

Mobile cultural station revives the neighbourhoods of Novi Sad. It brings various artistic and cultural content to the suburbs and parts of the city that are further away from the city centre.

Cultural Oasis Within City Reach.

Blend of the cultural heritage of the former Cultural Centre and contemporary processes in culture, ecology and sports represent the identity of this new cultural station.

Where Culture Grows.

The new cultural station belongs to the former working area, at the place of the former pasta factory, with the programmes designed for children.

Tradition and Modern Creation.

In the authentic Vojvodina suburb next to Novi Sad, there is the Rumenka Cultural Station which continues and improves the work done so far in the Rumenka Cultural Centre.

The Centre of Youth Creativity.

New place for culture which emerged from the legacy of industrial development of Novi Sad at the place of old factories and industrial zone of the city, the former Great Liman.


Creative district
21000 Novi Sad

Barka. (Uskoro)
Culture on the Outskirts of the City.

Located on the outskirts of the city, near Slana Bara, Vidovdansko naselje and Klisa, the Bukovac Cultural Station is the new place for culture in Novi Sad, and is becoming the new centre of events in the city.


KS Kovilj is located in an authentic Vojvodina environment, opposite the birthplace of Laza Kostić, who, in addition to the rich history and tradition, is the greatest pride of this village in the vicinity of Novi Sad.


Laze Kostića 113,


Work time:
non – fri
10.00 – 18.00