The Last Round of ‘Possibilities for Financing from EU Funds’ Trainings Finished

A three-day training, intended for representatives of non-governmental organisations in the field of culture and freelance artists – ‘Possibilities for Financing Through EU Funds’ was held in the Egység Cultural Station from 22 until 24 September 2021.

It is the final, fourteenth round of trainings, which have been attended by more than 200 participants in the last few years.

The main goal of the trainings was to train participants to independently formulate project proposals and to strategically position them in a framework of defined priorities and measures, as well as financial limits. During the training, participants developed skills and stances that are needed for taking active roles in the development and implementation of projects at local and regional levels.

The goal of the trainings was to work with the non-institutional cultural and artistic scenes on the territory of Novi Sad on developmental processes, this time through presentation of possibilities for financing through EU funds, as well as the procedure for application and writing of projects.

The ‘Possibilities for Financing Through EU Funds’ expert trainings were implemented in cooperation with the ‘European Affairs’ Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.