Leading Names of the Improvisational Scene from Argentina, Great Britain and Serbia in Egység

We had a chance to listen to the leading names of the improvisational scene from Argentina, Great Britain and Serbia in the Egység Cultural Station. The International Quartet made of Milana Zarić (harp), Marina Džukljev (piano), Leonel Kaplan (trumpet and electronics) and Richard Barrett (electronics) performs for the first time in such a composition.

Collaborating for many years, the local duo Milana Zarić/Richard Barrett continues the practice of collaborating with other musicians, expanding their duo formation to a quartet, together with the guest from Argentina Leonel Kaplan and the Novi Sad pianist Marina Džukljev.

Take a look at the atmosphere from the concert in Egység. The quartet in this composition will soon hold concerts in Belgrade as well.


Photo: Uroš Dožić