How Mozart Reversed the Day with the Help of Creative Children

When Mozart was a child, he fell asleep and had a strange dream. He gave himself a task to save the world from the evil Queen of the Night who stole the Sun! With his friend, folksy birdcatcher Papageno, and with the help of magic flute, he will try to rescue her princess Pamina and prince Tamino from enchanted castle.

Mozart, or Wolfie, how his family called him, reached the castle, conquered the magic and reversed the day with the help of the participants of the workshop who solved several puzzles together. All this is part of the ‘Mozart’s Dream and the Magic Flute’ workshop held in the Egység Cultural Station on 14 July within the Creative Camp.

The creative camp is being implemented this week within the Novi Sad Children’s Summer organised by the Children’s Cultural Centre of Novi Sad.

Monday was reserved for world-changing inventions, while on Tuesday the children tried themselves in the role of alchemists.