‘PlayDay’ Charity: Solidarity, Benevolence and Lots of Fun

The ‘PlayDay’ Charity, within the Philanthropy Festival, gathered around 50 volunteers, students of the ‘Milan Petrović’ Elementary and Secondary Boarding School and activists from the ‘Patrija’ Association of Citizens. They had a wonderful time by playing board games, taking photos in a photo booth, and by playing basketball and volleyball. A chef Dejan Makanjić gave a special charm to the action with his 100 meals for all the guests and users of the ‘A Meal for a Family’ initiative.

Within the Festival, participants discussed the needs of marginalised citizens, as well as results and importance of the Map of Humanity of Novi Sad, development of philanthropy and the culture of giving, during the ‘Mapping Humanity’ forum organised by the ‘Patrija’ Association of Citizens.

This is the fourth year of cooperation between the Novi Sad Voluntary Service and Foundation by Ana and Vlade Divac within the Philanthropy Festival. This year, the Egység Cultural Station, OPENS, ‘Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation, ‘Patrija’ Association of Citizens, ‘Milan Petrović’ Elementary and Secondary Boarding School and Čalabrc Fest supported the action.

The Philanthropy Festival will last until 2 July in Novi Sad and Belgrade.

The aim of the festival is to gather as many citizens, companies, media, and civil society organisation from different parts of Serbia as possible, who will stress the importance of solidarity and benevolence within a five-day programme including numerous activities and events (quizzes, lectures, workshops, cultural programmes, performances, etc.). In that manner, they will contribute to creating sustainable culture of giving within our society.


Photo: V. Veličković