Martucci and Ricordi captivated the audience in Egység Cultural Station

After a series of concerts in Belgrade, Žaječar, Bor and Negotin, the members of the ensemble ‘Altro Senso’ performed in the Egység Cultural Station as well. The devotees of work created by the famous Italian Romantics had the chance to enjoy the inspiring tunes by the composers Giuseppe Martucci and Giulio Ricordi, at this special music event.

Altro Senso’ was founded in 2014, and its members, pianist Nataša Špaček, violinist Igor Aleksić and cellist Dušan Kočišević proudly presented the project which had principally been recognized and supported by the Italian Cultural Institute. This group has continuously given solo concerts, thematical and multimedia projects dedicated to children, and has, so far, held over 40 performances.

Photo: Marko Pudić