The Music of Serbian Composers Svetislav Božić and Vladimir Tošić Echoed in Egység

The ‘Contemporary Serbian Composers Music for Piano Duo’ concert, which is part of the project of the same name, was held in ‘Egység’ Cultural Station, with the aim of acquainting the public with the works of our composers, academicians Svetislav Božić and Vladimir Tošić.

Pianists Jelena Đajić, D.A., and Miloš Pavlović, MA, associate professors at the Faculty of Music, performed at the concert.

All works were written for piano four hands and are different in the way they are composed, although they belong to programme music.

The ‘Contemporary Serbian Composers Music for Piano Duo’ project is supported by Sokoj and will be presented in Belgrade and Niš.

Photo: Stanko Gagrčin