Echo of Great Works at the Concert by Young Artists


The concert in honour of the great Serbian benefactress Marija Trandafil, who, in addition to humanitarian work, also made a great contribution to the cultural and educational development of the nation, was held in the Egység Cultural Station, on 26 November. Successful young artists from Europe and Novi Sad, pianist Mattias Antonio Glavinić from Italy, solo singer Žiga Čopi from Slovenia and our fellow citizen Sergej Skeledžija, presented themselves to the audience.

Mattias Antonio Glavinić is an eleven-year-old pianist of Croatian and Italian descent and the winner of numerous awards at prestigious piano competitions in his country and abroad. Žiga Čopi is eighteen years old and although he has just started training his voice, he soon became one of the most promising young singers, as evidenced by numerous awards at singing competitions. In addition to the two of them, fourteen-year-old Sergej Skeledžija, the winner of 40 first prizes at competitions in the country and the world, also appeared on the stage, and in addition to numerous solo recitals, he performed several times as a soloist with orchestras.

Presenting the ‘Ars e femmina’ project, whose authors are Jelena Simonović Kovačević and Vitkay-Kucsera Ágota, this concert pointed out the importance of solidarity and joint creativity, as well as the importance of the tradition of the European heritage in the genre of classical music.

Photo: Marko Pudić and [email protected]