Young Talents From the Department of Wind Instruments Performed in Egység

First- and second-year students from the Department of Wind Instruments of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad held the concert in the Egység Cultural Station.

The concert entitled ‘Wind Instrument Students Concert Practice’ is the first concert outside the scope of the Academy and it offers the so-called practice to students, as the name itself says, i.e., the possibility to perform and gain valuable experience that plays an important role in their development and progress as artists during the education process.

The idea of the Academy is to offer students the possibility to perform in as many city concert halls as possible in the future, thus participating in promotion of all (new) locations that have become popular during development of cultural and creative potentials of Novi Sad within the ‘Novi Sad 2022 – European Capital of Culture’ project.


Photo: Uroš Dožić