Amulet of Novi Sad Music in Egység

The iconic Novi Sad band Amajlija (en. amulet) held a concert in the Egység Cultural Station on 11 November. Visitors who enjoyed the special music event, dedicated to all rock’n’roll generations, had a chance to hear some new tracks as well.

Amajlija has released six albums so far, and their love for music has kept them together for 40 years. Their audience announced it as an authentic Novi Sad band, while the band embraced the epithet with joy and continued to present Novi Sad and its citizens through new music, lyrics and authentic energy.

A significant moment in the band’s career was the performance at the big AC/DC concert in Belgrade when they were the opening act of this world-famous band. However, they say that their biggest success is that they are still together, playing with the same energy as 40 years ago. The Amajlija band features musicians: Bogoljub Banjac, Igor Sakač, Zoran Marjanović, Dejan Stračević and Petar Banjac. We bring selected photos.

Photo: Aleksandar Živaljević