Mozart for Children: ‘The Magic Flute’ Opera Performed

On 29 November, the ‘Visoko C’ Association of Artists turned Mozart’s great work “The Magic Flute” into a melodic, cheerful and singing opera adapted for children.

The play performed in the Egység Cultural Station won the hearts of the youngest visitors and revealed the charm of the complex music form. ‘The Magic Flute’ children’s opera consists of all elements of a great, serious work of art, while beautiful arias, vivid costumes and interesting decor and colourful stage contribute to its special magic enjoyed both by children and adults.

It is known that the music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart promotes the development of intelligence and the dimensions of abstract thinking in children. Therefore, it is significant to mention that, in a modern age full of values opposite to opera sophistication, artists recognise it and contribute to educating opera audiences from an early age.

Check how classical music was introduced to children in a new, different way.

Photo: Marko Pudić