Gabriela Sigeti: Ceramic Art Is Not for the Afraid

The ‘Contemporary Painting on Ceramics’ project that connects the skills of old craft and contemporary artistic expression, will be implemented in the Egység Cultural Station, from 2 until 5 October, with the beginning at 7 p.m.

The project comprises the exhibition within which the series of different works by artist Gabriela Sigeti will be presented It consists of about twenty sculptures and pots decorated with painting and drawings. The artist sees and perceives items rather as a 3D pictures than painted sculptures and objects, and it gives audience the freedom to perceive in their own way. Motifs of works are micro and macro world, creation of life and its mysterious forms and cycles that expressed the artist’s tendencies towards fantasy, naive and bizarre expression, and animated films.

Since the project itself presents the connection of old craft and contemporary expression, the question is whether it is necessary to make such compromises and in which way it should be done.

I wouldn’t say that compromises are necessary if I am aware of the material I am working with and I don’t want to repurpose it. I respect the process and I am patient. At the same time, I am inspired by the uniqueness of the material that is my guideline, and vice versa. It is another technique that the artists can express themselves with. It can neither intimidate the contemporary idea or form with its neutrality, nor constrain it,’ said Mrs Sigeti.

The old ceramic technique is still present in its pure traditional form as a part of tourism and preservation of old crafts, and it has also been mastered across the world and new artists who work in this field continuously appear. However, according to Gabriela, people are not being informed enough about artists who work with ceramics, and small exhibitions and presentation in galleries significantly contribute to it. Although there is a noticeable improvement in Serbia thanks to independent associations and action of artists, there should be more contemporary exhibitions of ceramics initiated by curators and gallerists, said the artist and added that the working with ceramics is actually a path of creativity and anticipation.

Ceramics has its nature and chemistry that dictates techniques of working with it, and that does not change. It is a complex knowledge and skill that have been passed down and developed for thousands of years. With the respect to main characteristics, possibilities are endless. I myself consider ceramics as much more interesting medium than many others where you have absolute control and you are in charge of every movement and the outcome, without significant deviations. It is not for the afraid ones. I am joking, but it is definitely not for the ones who are not prepared to get something completely different than they have imagined in the end, as well as to very rare, but possible, cracks, explosions, partial or complete destruction of works, which sometimes take two or more weeks of work. It is a great technique that make us enjoy in the creative process, creation, path and anticipation, without focusing on connection with the subject matter and goal. It is very liberating,’ said Gabriela.

There are no obstacles for making the old craft a contemporary one, since, as she says, there is a significant number of contemporary ceramic artists across the world who work with ceramics, have the most different approaches, extend the boundaries that have already been set and strengthen its place among other dominant techniques.

Since the contemporary art is endlessly open and interesting more than ever before in the history, the modernity of materials is not being discussed any more. Everything that has ever existed and everything that is newly discovered and created, has been introduced to the world of art and works of art at the same time. The same as any other medium, this one is suitable for contemporary expression as well. I am not afraid that this technique will quench since it is way too interesting, with endless possibilities and it can offer lifelong research and conducting a new one. The material is omnipresent and renewable and has its advantages for sustainability,’ said Mrs Sigeti.

The ‘Contemporary Painting on Ceramics’ project is one of the 42 projects that received funds within the public call for local artists and associations, within the ‘Artists. Now!’ project that aims at strengthening local cultural scene.