Revitalisation and Development of Cities of the Lower Danube: Workshop of the DANUrb+ Project

Within the international interregional project DANUrb+, an educational workshop, which deals with the development of the action plan for the revitalisation and development of cities of the lower Danube, was held in the Egység Cultural Station on 9 November. Foreign and local experts, as well as members of different educational and cultural institutions, participated in the workshop.

The project DANUrb+ focuses on the creation of the regional network through tourism and education in order to strengthen cultural identity and solidarity of ‘the Danube’, while the organiser of the event is the Association ‘Novo Kulturno Naselje’. The Association was founded in 2014, within the initiative for establishing Cultural Centre in Novo Naselje, and has successfully implemented numerous art and education workshops, volunteer actions, as well as several actions of greening and cleaning and many other activities so far.

Photo: Sara Agić