Mapping Humanity

The ‘Mapping Humanity’ forum, organised by the ‘Patrija’ Association of Citizens, will be held in the Egység Cultural Station on 29 June at 11 a.m. The needs of marginalised citizens, as well as results and importance of the Map of Humanity of Novi Sad, development of philanthropy and the culture of giving, will be discussed during the forum.

The Map of Humanity of Novi Sad project was launched by the volunteers from the ‘Patrija’ Association of Citizens in order to encourage philanthropy and social inclusion of multiply vulnerable social groups in Novi Sad. During the discussion, the volunteers from the ‘Patrija’ Association realised how often people who encounter mental health problems, also encounter the difficulties in meeting fundamental human needs, poverty and social exclusion.

There are small and medium Novi Sad enterprises and individuals on the website of the Map of Humanity of Novi Sad who offer their services and products to multiply vulnerable persons who are almost invisible for the rest of the community. They not only provide them with help they cannot afford on their own, but also encourage their inclusion in everyday social activities by opening the doors of their places and offering service to fellow citizens.

The ‘Patrija’ Association of Citizens gives vouchers to those who need them the most, in cooperation with entrepreneurs and other organisation and institutions who give support for vulnerable groups.

The forum is going to include the volunteers of the ‘Patrija’ Association of Citizens who worked on the Map of Humanity of Novi Sad project, and a user of the ‘Patrija’ association, who uses services offered by humane entrepreneurs with the voucher, as well as Dejan Drobnjak, mentor in the project and representative of the Foundation by Ana and Vlade Divac, who supported the implementation of the project.