Local Composers’ Night – Nexus Trio

The Nexus Trio band, including violinist Mina Mendelson, pianist Bojana Dimković and violoncellist Aleksandar Jakovljević, will perform within the local composers’ night in the Egység Cultural Station on 21 June at 7 p.m.

During the concert that will present Doček, one of the programme arches of the Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture, you will have an opportunity to hear piano trio by Petar Stojanović and Aleksandar Sedlar.

Novi Sad is in a hurry to prepare for the year in which it will be the holder of one of the most prestigious titles – the title of European Capital of Culture. A kind of overture to what 2022 will look like in the city of culture will be the Project 22, which is presented by the ‘Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture’ Foundation and NEO Festival – non-classical festival of classical music.

Doček programme arch, which will be held on 31 December and 16 January 2022, presents a unique celebration in Europe: two celebrations of New Year’s Eve, two ways of measuring time, two alphabets, two arts, thus stressing the intercultural identity of Novi Sad through cultural heritage and contemporary practice.