Finally! Book Exchange

The Novi Sad book exchange, implemented by the Centre for culture and new media ‘16 July’, which we have been waiting for since December 2019, is finally here!

In the context of the summer slogan ‘Books in the Sun!’, the exchange will be held in the garden of Egység Cultural Station on Sunday, 11 July, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m

As in previous years, the books you bring are exchanged for the books that others brought. In exchange for one book from your library, you will still be able to get at least one book from the Prerazmišljavanje library, following the established scoring system highlighted on the reception desk.

All donated books, and those collected at the exchange, will be donated further, and some of them will delight active readers of Prerazmišljavanje across our language area, and (the largest) portion will be included in the next major exchange.

Participation is free, and all visitors will be able to use lemonade and bookmarks specially designed for this Exchange. The regular guests of the ‘Book to a Smile’ Exchange will donate books in exchange for a humanitarian SMS, and there is also a space for exhibiting works of art related to books.