POSTPONED The Magic Flute

‘The Magic Flute’ opera for children by the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, will be performed in the ‘Egység’ Cultural Station on Sunday, 11 April, in two terms – 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

‘The Magic Flute’, performed by ‘Visoko C’ association, is intended for children aged 2-14 and lasts about 30 minutes. Due to the limited number of visitors, a seat reservation is required by calling 0656775353. Ticket price is RSD 400.

Prince Tamino, after a long search for happiness, comes to the forest ruled by the dangerous Queen of the Night with his Ladies. Seeing him, the Queen of the Night sends her Ladies and the enchanted snake to capture Tamino and carry out her plan – to bring back her daughter, Princess Pamina, who is with Sarastro the Wizard.

As soon as he sees the picture of Princess Pamina, the prince falls in love and promises the Queen that he will return the princess. As an aid, the Queen of the Night sends Papageno, a chatterbox and a coward who tries to find a soul mate, with him.

Through a series of situations, Tamino realizes that Sarastro is not what the Queen represents him and that the wizard will help him find his love. At the very end, the Queen of the Night admits her mistake and everyone together celebrates the victory of love by playing and singing.