European Music Encounters

The ‘European Music Encounters’ concert, which will be held in the Egység Cultural Station, on Saturday, 26 June, is dedicated to the art and creative need of Italian and Serbian artists in pandemic conditions to express the essential and international importance of culture as an inseparable need of human spiritual and creative inspiration.

We are witnesses that in the time of the strict restrictions on cultural and social life, culture and art, even with an online approach, were of crucial importance in the social and spiritual life of people.

The concert will feature Novi Sad opera soloist Zorica Belić and Nazareno Ferruggio, Italian pianist and professor at the Conservatory of Music Bari.

They will perform works, which rely in its themes on the glorification of human creation, music, creativity through the opuses of the most important Italian and Serbian composers. Works from the Italian Baroque to the Serbian 20th century will appear in the chronology of epochs.

The ‘European Music Encounters’ concert, which will be implemented with the support of the Italian Institute of Culture at the Italian Embassy in Belgrade, will be presented to the audience in Subotica and Belgrade.