The Concert for Novi Sad

‘Ison’ is a word of Greek origin, and it is a first note, i.e., drone note, necessary for more complex musical forms. The ISON Choir is National Mixed Inclusive Choir and backbone, i.e., a cornerstone of the city that tells the story about society freed from stereotypes. Novi Sad is a city that does not lack music entangled with the motivation and honesty of people who overcome all obstacles through joint work and choral synergy. The proof is the concert entitled ‘The Concert for Novi Sad’, where the ISON Choir will perform together with the Slovak Orchestra from Selenča in the Egység Cultural Station on 16 November, at 6 p.m.

Initiating positive attitudes towards people with disabilities, their acceptance and inclusion in the regular society processes is of great importance, both for the whole society and for the personal development of young people from marginalised groups. The engagement for members of the choir represents a form of music therapy, and at the same time, it influences the deepening of socio-cultural idea regarding the free participation of young people in all spheres of social life, in accordance with their personal choice and abilities, National Inclusive Choir represents the best example of practice in the field of music by vulnerable groups, while the performances they give witness their achievements and give them a chance for better visibility. The audience will have a chance to enjoy old Serbian songs during the concert organised by the Association of Citizens ‘Faith Love Hope’ Novi Sad, with support from the City Administration for Sports and Youth and the City Administration for Culture.

The ISON Choir dedicates the performance to Novi Sad and us, its citizens. Let’s thank them with our presence. See you!